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Covid-19 Caution (WHO) - 2021

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global numbers and numbers by country of COVID-19
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Indonesia and Southeast Asia
Representative for Dolang Geophysical Srl

Currently, we have agreement with Dolang Geophysical
Srl Italy to be their representative of their product in
seismic and other NDT and geophysical instrument.
Contact us for more detail.

Practical Soil Compaction using Pundit Lab+.

Our Technical Manager has been using youtube channel
to introduce ultrasonic method for soil compaction

Practical Resistivity Method for Grounding.

Our Technical Manager has been using youtube to
introduce resistivity method to you.

Training [link]

We are available for computer and information
technology training. Please contact us for more detail

Geophysics to Civil Approaches

Our new views on geophysics method should also
consider the broad vision of current Government of
Indonesia t that take into account infrastructure as
primary sector to derive national income. This
infrastructure project will also face various challenging
problems especially on remote areas where soil
properties are unknown. Therefore, the action of
geophysicists to contributing more over civil various
problems are the keys.

Our Expertise

Our company specializes on operational, civil and
most advance solutions. This includes
solutions to mining and civil engineers and optimize their
values over time and financing horizon.

We solved mathematical most problematic on
simulations and modelings.

Our Goals

In short, how to make our clients happy. In long,
maximizing our customer solutions and generating more

Our Recent Projects!!

PLTMG Jayapura (Apr 17)

SPT Portsite Timika (Feb 17)

Resource Evaluation Bangka (Jan

Pertamina pipeline identification
Lawe Borneo (Nov16)
Our Map3D software has
been recognized since
1990 and been industrial
standard since than.

Resistivity methods are
available to solve earthing
problem on substation.
Find out more about our
PLTMG at Jayapura
earthing project this April

Ultrasonic Pundit Lab+ as
the best tools for soil
compaction NDT and
(traditionally) over

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